Cat Cafe first cafe to exchange piaulement parties and discuss the affairs of cats

In shady places in Manhattan, New York City, people wait in queues defying magnitude in any art gallery or exclusive club.
But these people who came from on a cold sunny day Thursday evenings is not art, not an exclusive club, but cats, or to transport cats and coffee.
Cafe of cats or what it called Cat Café opened its doors for cat lovers and those interested in it to enjoy drinking the "Katachino" which it means "cappuccino, and talk about the health of the cats, and talk about adopting a cat embraces 16 cat. Pet food brand Purina 1, appetite progress for cats He has a cafe, and lasts only for Saturday, but organizers are hoping to encourage this initiative and interest in the health of cats adopted.
Nikki Roberts from Purina 1 Says, "The goal of what we do here is to try to start a discussion about the health of cats, what is the appropriate place to do that with a cup of coffee with some friends at the coffee shop? We believe that people go to in order to talk about the health of cats; you have to be part of the subject you are talking about cats and surround you. "
He adds, "It's a wonderful thing because dogs have its social popularity, you can take your dog for a walk, talk to people in the park dogs, but this is not available for breeders of cats, this is the place to talk it about with people with similar interests about cats and health and you are among the cats."
For those who were not in New York to witness the event or stand in the queue, the scene is available on transfer live via the Internet, and more than 5 thousand views around the world, have been for under marking # CatCafe to participate in talking about the subject, and the health of cats through the means of social communication.
In addition to this story that you read, there are more than 178 news story titled cafe cats, and said more than 3 thousand times over Twitter, at a rate of 74 times per hour, and has published more than 30 video entitled CatCafe.

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