Does Robert Downey participate in Iron Man 4

The star, "Robert Downey Jr." talks about the future of the Iron Man film series, stressing that he has a good time in the current period.

famous star, "Robert Downey Jr." Talked Finally about the future of movies starring Iron Man series, of a high mass, which rumors escalated recently about its fate.
As the Web site reported digitalspy, the American famous star, accustomed over the years to perform the role of "Tony Stark", a personal disappears behind Iron Man, and it was the last part of Iron Man 3 has won huge admiration hit, as it will appear in the same personal films coming from series Avengers.
"Downey Jr. stressed " he did not specify anything regarding the future, at this stage of his life, after the end of filming The Avengers two movies, and that in the course of his answer to the question is trying to explore what will happen to his character, and whether he intends re-acting in the future or not.
In the same context, "Downey Jr." did not confirm or deny what the future of the superhero character who performed it, and it's all on hold by the offers will receive from, "Disney" and "Marvell" companies , which share in the production of the film series.
As for the present time, he has said that he enjoyed his time away from any links, it did not come to anything serious at the moment, which means that he has a resting a bit after that indulged in personal performance for several years in the past.

It is noteworthy that the first time that "Downey Jr." led the personal "Tony Stark" or what is known as Iron man in the movie Iron man was in 2008, and revolves around a billionaire messed up is the "Tony Stark" is trying to manufacture a suit metal to protect it from threats to , then things get out of control completely after that. The second part of the film in 2010 and it is revealed the secret identity of the hero, and events complicated after many health problems. The third part has appeared in 2013.

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