Lady Gaga participates in part II of Sin City and Paparazzi captured her like Mona Lisa (Photos)

Choosing the singer "Lady Gaga" to be displayed in the second part of the film Sin City, which bears the name of A Dame to Kill For.

the star, "Joseph Gordon-Levitt," Revealed during a meeting in one of the radio stations that the American star "Lady Gaga" appeared during the second part of the film Sin City in who took the role of "Johnny."
"Levitt" said that "Gaga" led her role like a professional actor, which greatly impressed him during the follow-up to film her scenes, according to the website digitalspy.
The film is adapted from a comic book, who co-authored both "Robert Rodriguez" and "Frank Miller" and had been displayed in August 2014.

It is worth mentioning that the film saw the participation of a large number of representatives of them, "Josh Brolin" and "Mickey Rourke" and "Jessica Alba" and "Jimmy King" and "Jimmy Shang."
On the other hand , The camera "Paparazzi" took pictures for "Lady Gaga" in golden robe, and another "Monelise!"

It Is no longer unusual to see Followers "Lady Gaga" in controversial clothing, this time in the robe of the famous painting "Mona Lisa."
The "Lady Gaga" has emerged from the studios ITV London when lenses pictures picked her with a Gold dress and Crown, the same day appeared with a robe is not classified, a cloth open sides with a picture of the "Mona Lisa", according to the website "technical bulletin".
Persisting in the simulation painting, "Gaga" brought down her hair the same way, with pale makeup, but still the difference between them is certain, that the "Mona Lisa" were not wearing a dress with a picture of "Lady Gaga"!

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