Lady Gaga real face Without Makeup

Two days ago, "Lady Gaga" appeared on the stage of "MGM Grand Arena" in "Las Vegas" putting a decorated wig and wearing, as usual, controversial clothing, but in one of the images after just 24 hours on the "Anstgram" change it , featured real form.
According to the newspaper "Daily Mail", the star "Lady Gaga" published a new picture on her official account in "Anstgram", and where she seems abandoned make-up and wigs and golden blond to show the natural form and the black hair.

The strange in the image that jewelry that put it on her head, like a crown inlaid with some blue jewelry, so when she was asleep on the sofa gray color, with the picture and wrote the word "gypsy life".
It Referred to as "Lady Gaga" is the name of fame, and her real name "Stephanie Garmanouta", and last Saturday she marked noisy concert on the stage of "MGM Grand Arena" in "Las Vegas" state "Nevada", and she puts the yellow wig with a bra on the wings birds and her usual dazzle the audience and raises controversy around her.

And the controversial of her the appearance, she said in last March to famous presenter "Jimmy Kimmel": "I feel comfortable when I wear what I like," she said: "I love the Republican because they allow me to be myself always, do not care what anyone says at me."
It is note that Lady Gaga scared photographers of her new appearance in last December .
Paparazzi camera lenses picked up pictures of the global star "Lady Gaga," while leaving the hotel, "Langham" who stay there in London.
The "Gaga" headed to the airport with her hair, which appears as drop-down ropes, according to the website elnashrafan.
Gaga was wearing also colored dress from a set Zeynep Tosun winter of 2013, and her black shoes Antalt huge famous, which amounts to 25 cm high heel.

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