Interesting Facts About "Lady Gaga"

Do you want to know 10 strange facts about, singer and fashion designer Lady Gaga known extreme passion for exotic clothes and her crazy and attractive dance?
Here's a set of exotic facts about her.

1 - Lady Gaga loves music since childhood she has learned piano at the age of four, and in the 13-year-old composed her first ballad, and the following year began the performance offers a lyrical in nightclubs in New York.
Gaga was controversial, especially among classmates because she has a weird and funky Style, but the irony that she received  did not prevent her from continuing to do what she wants.
2 - whose real name is Stephanie John Angelina Germnota, her manager called the name of Lady Gaga imitation of the song "Radio Gaga."
3 – it was agreed with her by one of the production companies to write and compose songs for other singers and now she writes songs and produces only a few songs for herself as well.
4 - Lady Gaga entered a private Catholic school (Sacred Heart Convent School )while growing up in New York Among the celebrities who have entered this school also was Nicky Hilton.
5 - "Lady Gaga and drugs": Lady Gaga admitted that she was taking drugs sometimes because it helps her to write songs.
6 - when she was Lady Gaga preparing for the graduation ceremony of her sister in the Convent School of the Sacred Heart was dressed very strange. Gaga was not enjoy their time at all while she was in this school when she was a child and when he was forced to return to attend the graduation ceremony of her sister wore a hat resembling a hat guard bees were carry bag-like Chinese boxes and wore a transparent pair of pants.
7 - her song Poker Face occupied the third place in Sweden and first place in New Zealand, Canada and Australia.
8 - Gaga Permanently trends to wear the lowest quantity  of clothes was raises many reactions and Gaga surprised people in a meeting with Rolling Stone by strange interpretation for not wearing the pants, where she said, "my grandmother's blind, but she can see light things like my skin and hair she always tells me I can see you because you do not wear pants, so I will continue to not wear pants so long that my grandma can see me! ".
9 – she loves to follow the fashion world and her favorite fashion designer is Versace.
10 - and she likes to do charity Gaga has donated for concert performance by which the twenty-fourth of January this year, which amounted to half a million dollars for the victims of Haiti.

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