Louisville Purge was done by a high school student for a fun

Louisville Metro Police said that after speaking with the student who admitted to DuPont Manual high school’s campus newspaper that he the owner of the original Louisville Purge threat  on social media but he did it as a fun thing.
By the way , the spokesman of police Dwight Mitchell said that the department is still investigating threats that spread in response to the media attention that followed.
Mitchell said that they still do not know if it is a hoax or not ?
on the other hand , the school’s newspaper ( the Crimson Record) published an interview on its website with the high school student , but it did not identify him.
As the student said to the newspapers , admitting that he thought it would be originally just a fun thing , and never expected to be as serious as it did , he shocked the first time when he saw the local media covering it .
Liz Palmer and her husband James Miller who helped out the students said that the students had no trouble finding the original source of the threating tweet.
The students spoke to the student and his father who confirmed the story as Palmer said.
And there is a call from police to the residents to call 911 if they saw anything suspicious Friday night.
The rumors of the Louisville Purge is based on The Purge: Anarchy released on 2013 which hunt and mobs and kill people during a fictitious 12- hours period.
The citizens will carry a concealed weapon if they get a permit for that as Mitchell said.
And until this moment there is no new news and we will cover every details about it.

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