Surprises are the most important in the MTV awards 2014

Bloods , snakes and cries is some of the surprises of network MTV awards concert for music over the past three decades .. With the approach of this year's ceremony scheduled on Sunday, there is fierce competition among artists to provide the best tricks.

rock star Beyonce and new rapper Iggy Azalea topping list of candidates for this year's awards Each of them is a candidate to win eight awards. Winners will receive "Munman" statues During the ceremony, which takes place on the stage of Foram after recently renovated In Inglewood, California.
However, the ceremony is rarely focused on the winners, but all eyes will be focused on the performances and surprises.

Since its inception in 1984, the MTV awards ceremonies associated with humor and improvised moments.

Among the famous footage stunts clothes of musical recordings presenter Howard Stern in a ceremony in 1992 and Boogie performed by Britney Spears holding a snake in 2001, and a concert in 2009 full of events when Lady Gaga smeared the blood on herself.  

Amy Doyle, executive director of the MTV awards ceremony Said " each artist In concert sees one of the moments of the live review and the most competitive offers , everyone show the best of what he has to kidnap sight. 

"Because they know that a lot of the historical record musical moments In this concert they want to be part of the history of such concerts."

and Beyonce compete -who hijacked attention in 2011 when he revealed her pregnancy during the concert- to surpass itself this year with one of the most ambitious reviews.

Doyle said, "she will make every effort to do what other artists do not try to do."

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