US sources: the video which shows the beheading of American hostage is probably true

American Informed sources said that the video which published by ISIS on Tuesday, which shows what appeared to be a process of beheading American journalist Stephen Sotloff seems to be true in spite of the lack of confirmation of its credibility by American officials formally.
American officials said that the intelligence agencies are doing urgent examinations to investigate the alleged video of the beheading  Sotloff  to reach a final decision on its credibility.
This recording is the second after the distribution of ISIS in the last month, a similar recording shows in which American journalist James Foley was being beheaded , who was captured in Syria in 2012.
the Americans experts expressed their thoughts  shortly after the publishing of Foley recording that fighters who were detained journalists killed probably Sotloff also after he emerged alive in the beheading recording of Foley, which was distributed on 19 August. 

The website site reported that the militant fighters published  the recording for the latest killing of hostages in the process earlier on Tuesday.
Josh Ernest White House spokesman said telling reporters as she received the news about the recording video that he could not immediately confirm the content of the video at the same time pointing out that such a video will be analyzed very carefully.

In turn, a spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry Jane Sacchi told reporters that intelligence services "will work as quickly as possible to reach a judgment about the credibility (ie, the video)."
"If the video was real, we feel disgusted by this brutal act of killing another innocent American citizen. Our hearts are with the family of Sotloff."

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