Chris Brown admits assaulting an admire

American Naughty singer Chris Brown Admitted the charge of assaulting a fan in Washington, which was issued on the basis of which the rule of incarcerating him, but he had already spent his sentence in prison.
The 25-year-old Grammy award winner and hip-hop singer admitted the charge of assault after a fight in front of a luxury hotel in Washington, with one fan who wanted to take a picture with him.
The Attorney General Ronald Machin said in a statement that "according to the confession of Chris Brown himself, he has hit a man in the face without any provocation" by the victim.
In that day ,Brown was subjected to a system of conditional freedom in the context of the issue of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, what caused to be re-arrest for a period of 80 days, and was released in June 2014.
And taking into account the judge approving the guilty singer and sentenced him to imprisonment for a period already spent, in addition to paying $ 150 instead of the legal costs.
Chris Brown Said, which will be released his new album "X" on September 16, told the court he was "sorry" for what happened to him, according to the American press. He then left the hall surrounded by photographers lens.
Brown was facing the possibility of a verdict against him in prison up to six months and fined a thousand dollars.
The bodyguard was convicted on charges of infringement and assaulting Christopher Holuse as part of the same incident in a separate trial.

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