Sexiest Celebrities Bathroom Selfie

As if throughout the home, streets and parks narrowed them to end up to capture a Selfie in the bathroom!

1 . Kim Kardashian

Many reasons make "Kim" exaggerating the publication of Selfie photos much on the Internet especially on bathroom, and most important of admiration for her body, but not limited to her home only pools, she also picked up from the public baths and hotels pools.

2 . Justin Bieber    

"Bieber" a star teenager, frequently published photos of himself on the Internet, mostly from inside the bathroom, using his own software to take the Selfie Shots.

3 . "Bella Thorne"

Singer and dancer, "Bella Thorne" published pictures of her on "Instagram" alone or in the company of someone in the bathroom.

4 . "Cody Simpson"

Australian singing star, loves to put pictures on the "Instagram" as he is in the bathroom, and most reviews his stomach muscles.

5 . "Miley Cyrus"

"Cyrus" does not stop putting Selfie pictures of her in all situations daily.

6 . Nicki Minaj

The most Hollywood celebrities who loves her body, to the extent that she filmed a video to display her body, as it published pictures of her bathroom constantly on "Instagram".

7 . James Franco

"Franco" places from time to time Selfie photo of him after waking of sleep, and what comes after waking up, going to the bathroom, and where his exotic photos are.

8 . Taylor Swift

"Taylor" loves beauty and boasts of it, and has the right to do so, from time to time to take Selfie pictures on "Instagram" in front of a bathroom mirror.

9 . Zendaya

the 18-year-old American singer pick up her photos between the bathroom and bedroom.

10 . "Rihanna"

The singer "Rihanna", published Selfie pictures of her in bathroom like the rest of the celebrities, except that it exaggerates in the number.

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