The Big Three lead Miami to cross Spears final NBA league

After having lost rhythm usual throughout the series of games with the San Antonio Spurs in the final of the American Basketball League pro, the Big Three to the Miami Heat regained their balance to lead their team to a landslide victory on the rivals. Where LeBron James scored 33 points and added Dwayne Wade had 23 points and ensures Chris Bosh recording 20 points and 13 rebounds for the Miami title holder, to win the final at the San Antonio Spurs 109/93 on Thursday night and tie the two teams 2/2 in total four encounters brought them in the final round.
Miami Heat regained his balance after being subjected to a humiliating defeat in the third round with the Spurs score 77/113. Ray Allen scored 14 points after taking off the bench for the Heat team, which offers Spurs 60/44 in the second half of the game.
And that Tim Duncan ensured logged 20 points, while Frenchman Tony Parker, who suffers from pain in the leg tendons, only 15 points all came in the first half of the game. And the superiority of Miami in the fourth quarter to lead 81/76 and then expanded the offer to 84/79 before outperform again score 100/85 by five minutes and 17 seconds from the end. During the last five minutes of Miami maintained the rhythm to end the match winner took 109/93.
So three big players in the Miami Heat made a powerful presentation to lead their team to win away from home 109-93 to San Antonio Spurs on Thursday and a 2-2 draw in the final of the U.S. Basketball League for professionals.
The fifth game will be played in San Antonio on Sunday, before returning the two teams to Miami to take the sixth game and then the crucial meeting if necessary.

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