Kim Kardashian gives a gift for her boyfriend Kanye West for the father’s day

Kim Kardashian gives the birth for her baby girl

The baby has come in the right time to give to his father the most beautiful gift in the father’s day while all people round the world waited this moment to see their celebrity and her new baby.
On Saturday morning 15 June, Kim Kardashian gives the birth for her first baby girl with her boyfriend Kanye West.
The coming of the baby was expected for next five weeks, but Kim was ready and prepared herself for the most important day in her life in which it will come her lovely first baby from her boyfriend Kanye West, who is forced to cancel his last album Yeezus to stay and spout his love Kim Kardashian where the rumors talked about his staying in the Angles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for the birth.
There is no formal confirmation of the coming at press time, neither through the representatives of the couples nor the stars social TV media channels.
This is a beautiful gift for the father in his father’s day to get a baby  from his girlfriend and before period of time from the father’s day , and with the coming of his new album which is expected to wildly regarded as the summer’s most anticipated album, and it will released on Tuesday officially.
The little sisters of Kim Kardashian expressed with the coming of their nephew baby girl that they are not ready to be aunts but although they are happy and excited.
In returning to the mother Kim Kardashian who expressed previously and declared that she will not allow to the cameras to enter her delivery room at her giving birth to her baby.
So until to know more news about this subject we hope for you happy time.

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