Amazing Fireworks in Washington

Thousands of Americans went to the National Mall to celebrate the fourth of July by using fireworks, the ceremony performances by Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow . Neil Diamond sang Sweet Caroline and Manilow closed out the annual “Capitol Fourth” concert on Thursday night , then the fireworks were seen in the other side of the mall. The fireworks come with offering star studded Independence day and there is emphasis on music . on 4 July 1967 the American United States had achieved the independence and it took its freedom from United Kingdom after the huge efforts and suffering of its people, they could through few years make America the biggest and strongest country in the world, they achieve great success in many scales like politic, economic, tourism, trading and working. So every year in the same date they celebrate by using fireworks and they do a lot of things to make them feel happy and they called this day the Independence Day. The singers come and sing national songs and they do not go to work in the Independence Day , the using of fireworks is permitted in this day . It is great day for Americans they go to the malls and streets to celebrate in this great day. All people in the American United States celebrate and feel happy in this day. Americans made great efforts to transform America and made it the number one in the world by many years after independence. America contains a large amount of people and it can provide them by all approaches that make them feel happy and live in good conditions. So after that they have the right to celebrate in this day and use fireworks and whatever they want because this day changes their life and makes it better.    

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