Forbes: Madonna's highest-paid women in the world of music

Forbes magazine said on Wednesday that U.S. pop singer Madonna is the highest paid women in the music world with earnings of $ 125 million dollars to easily exceed the pop star Lady Gaga and pop singer Taylor Swift.

The magazine said that the income in the 12-month period also makes her the highest celebrity income in general.
Madonna's revenue came in the period from June 2012 to June 2013, most of the tour concerts album (Um. DVD. Said. BAA), which revenues reached of $ 305 million. But the 55-year-old singer, who jumped from ninth place in 2012 has also made money from the sale of perfume and some other stuff .
Forbes said that Madonna "the highest income in the world of music and the highest-paid celebrity."

And Lady Gaga stepped up to second place this year after she was in fourth place at about 80 million dollars despite her abbreviation concert tour because of injury.
Taylor Swift (23 years old) Fell  from second place in 2012 to third place this year. And achieved a revenue of 55 million dollars from the sales of the latest albums as well as agreements and selling records and work rounds.

pop singer Beyoncé (32 years) Came in the fourth place achieved as 53 million dollars, while star Jennifer Lopez (44 years) ranked in fifth place with earnings of $ 45 million dollars.
So Madonna took the first place in the world of music despite her advancing in age to overcome over many celebrities  like Katy Perry , Beyoncé , and Lady Gaga.

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