Innovating new material feels satiety and reduces weight!!

Researchers Resolved in to develop a gelatinous substance to contribute to the process of weight loss; where British researchers invented a gel or Edible "Gel" and swallowing granted disposal feeling of fullness and swelling of the stomach, and therefore the sense of not being able to eat a "snack" between core meals, which is the main reason obesity and weight gain in a short time. 

 The researchers the University of Birmingham UK said that this gelatinous substance is difficult to digest, it settles in the stomach, leaving a person feel not hungry during meals, and reduce the desire to snack or overeat or sweets during or after meals three main.

These gelatinous substance consists from a mixture of different ingredients derived from seaweed, starch, citrus peel composed material food thick soluble in water, according to the site the Daily Mail UK, the researchers pointed out that this gels substance when correspond to the Citrus stomach begins components gelatinous substance to give a feeling of fullness and interact with each other to form a solid gel. 

The researchers hope currently in the development of material so that it can mix it in all everyday foods covered by the human, and thus serve as a promising hope and a means of effective treatment to help obese people and owners of obese or those who have a tendency to gain weight and eat meals Snack between meals constantly.

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