Officially... Jennifer Lopez participates in the opening of the World Cup

The organizing committee for the World Cup in Brazil, on Wednesday, that the American singer Jennifer Lopez will participate in the opening ceremony of the tournament scheduled on Thursday evening.

Both American Lopez, Pitbull and Brazilian Claudia Leite participate in the performance of the official song for the World Cup, "We are all one" before the start of the opening match between Brazil and Croatia in Sao Paulo.

The organizing Committee stressed that the appearance of three stars comes within the activities of the opening ceremony, which lasts 25 minutes and attended by nearly 600 people offer which review highlights the most important characteristic of Brazil from the nature of the geography, customs and popular traditions, in addition to the reference to the sport of football.

Lopez was announced days before her non-participation in the opening ceremony due to some production problems, but she returned and confirmed that those problems have been solved today.

On the other hand, the first time in the history of the World Cup they will use new technology in helping referees to do some decisions, which call the Hawkeye.   The main mechanism of action of HawkEye technology is through the development of a small slice of football and a small camera on the goal line, and if the ball goes beyond the goal line, the signal would be sent to a quick hour worn by the referee during the second, occurs ring and then calculates the goal.

But HawkEye technology will not cancel the role of the referee of the flag... and that he could cancel the goal in the event that the goal was offside.

Will this Technology solved instead of the additional provision... Is succeed in capturing goals... or will write her failure?

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