The world has to bow out of respect for Selena Gomez for this video... watch

It Is the right video teaches the world, all over the world... starting from celebrities and stars and ending with each person, although small and obscure on the planet... it is a video of the teen star Selena Gomez, Ambassador of UNICEF Goodwill who visited Nepal on a journey of her flights humanity which was not the first, and often will not be Last.. Great video watch it.

Selena that came out a few days ago, a broken heart and tearful eye due to leave her after Justin Bieber love story witnessed by the whole world, did not give in to the pain and did not succumb to grief or to her sufferings Although the pain of hearts is the hardest and strongest.

Selena went out to the world at a time of grief to paint a smile on the face of the children, who some of them are orphan homeless, including injured, she danced and laughed and walked and ran to give them a laugh is the same as most in need, sad Selena who needs for one to pat on the shoulder or "comforting her”, she makes children happy and she was as a maker of joy and happiness merchant.

Selena was not isolated from the world and did not stay alone and single and did not give up, as she want to say to every one … go out to the world Be useful to those around you, do not be selfish, think of others as you think of yourself, be good .. Be smile... Be humble but you are really a great, true everyone is broken or lost or sad, do not succumb to the sorrows and make the joy and hope of a way of life... for all that we have to respect Selena.
May be one of Selena lovers and may be the opposite, but no one has the right to judge if she has been doing these tours for fame or money if she had been already convinced... This is something that is inside.

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