World Cup song exceed 16 million views before the broadcast

Audio only steadily and without animation clips .. and millions of fans eager for the start of the biggest demonstration spherical visited global website YouTube, and one goal.

Although the official song which was announced entitled the International Federation of Football to be the one cry of the world of the World Cup World Cup 2014 Brazil " one Love and one rhythm " will appear in its final form at the launching ceremony of the World Cup less than a month, but the number of acoustic visitors to the song exceeded 16 million viewers.  

The Latin origin singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez, and in conjunction with the American rapper Pitbull may They logged the official song for the World Cup, has been put up with sound only on YouTube, which is titled "We Are One .. Ole Ola", and participated in singing also Claudia Leite .

The 2014 World Cup album consists of - which bears the name "One Love .. One Rhythm"- of 17 songs, including Ricky Martin, Shakira, and Carlos Santana songs.

And the official song received highly sought after posting just one month as the number of listeners to 16 million people.

It is known that the World Cup will be held in the several Brazilian cities during the period from June 12 until July 13 next, is also scheduled to present the song "We Are One" at the closing ceremony of the championship performance of singer Carlos Santana, with the help of Wycliffe and Avića and Brazilian singer Alexandre Pires .

It will fantastic world cup especially with the presence strong teams , it is the only thing which unifies the world whatever their believes , religion, in one thing which to encourages their team.

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