Chloe Grace the highest-paid teenage

"Chloe Grace" makes her way to stardom and fortune in Hollywood, to become one of the highest-paid teenage girls.

After she has got at the starring role in 2010 in the movie Action comedy Kick-Ass, here "Chloe Grace"  is again and after 4 years she participated  the black actor "Denzel Washington," in starring role in the movie  The Equalizer, to become one of the highest teenage Hollywood paid, according to reports, she has got a very large according to her performance of the role of Russian pitch girl in the film the Equalizer, which is 400 thousand dollars, and then received $ 150 thousand dollars of revenue a film that collect at the box office of American $ 100 million, to become her  net income of the film 550 thousand dollars has been put them in her bank account.
As quoted by the newspaper "Daily Mail", the 17-year-old girl is not attracted to money, but the work itself is attracted, because the director "Steven Soderbergh" gave advice before, which is that money is not everything, and by working in films paid little or even free of charge for up to wide acclaim in Hollywood, which is advice that is going on.
And the young actress insisted that her selecting for The Equalizer was not motivated by money, she asserts that she attracted so much to the character of the Russian night girl -inspired girls have problems at that age, and says: "What attracted me to the script that the girl in the film was destroyed sexually because of life but the film gave exactly opposite impression.”
In spite of the insistence on staying out of the spotlight and focus on her work, but the headlines relay constantly blossoming friendship with "Brooklyn Beckham," the eldest son's "David" and "Victoria Beckham", and she stated in one of the meetings that he is a good person and very happy for her existence with him .

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