Star Wars May the Fourth be with you

Disney declared the past month that it will release the new movie Star Wars every year in the beginning of 2015 with the episode 17, the first edition is in trilogy of plane.  Star Wars is not a part of the overall saga, which Simon Kinberg penned it.
May the Fourth with You is The Star Wars Day can refer to one or two dates in which we celebrate the Star Wars saga.
On May 4, is considered by fans of Star Wars, a feast day in which to celebrate the culture linked to the saga.
This date was chosen as Star Wars Day because of the popularity of a play on words in the English language between the famous quote "May the Force be with you" ("May the Force be with you") and the phrase "May the fourth be with you "(" What may 4th be with you "), caused by the double meaning of the word may (depending on the context it can mean" may "or" may ") and the 'similarity between the words Force (" Force ") and fourth ("Four").
The first appearance of the phrase "May the fourth is with you", however, does not seem attributable to Star Wars fans: When in May 4th 1979 Margaret Thatcher became the first woman to be elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, his party published on the London Evening News a wish that said "May the Fourth Be With you, Maggie.
In 2005, in an interview on German TV Channel N24, George Lucas was asked to recite the famous phrase "May the Force is with you. This mistake was noticed by TV Total and aired May 18, 2005.
Numerous events are organized all over the world, particularly in Anglo-Saxon countries, for example:
In 2011, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at the Toronto Underground Cinema was held for the first time a celebration of Star Wars Day, during which various events were organized. Among them, a quiz on the original trilogy, Effect competition whose jury was made up of celebrities and the projection on a large screen of the best films, parodies and remixes tribute to the saga. A second edition of the event was organized in 2012.
In Leeds, England, is annually organized an exhibition of works by various artists, memorabilia and items related to the theme of Star Wars.
At the National Space Centre in Leicester, England, is an organized event in which players take part in the saga, are held conferences and various events for children

Nell ‘Arlington Campus of the University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA, is annually organized the event The Unofficial World's Largest Light Flash Mob ("The biggest flash mob lights unofficial world") .
At the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington, USA, is an organized event in Star Wars themed with scientific content to target popular.
The Italian Swiss Radio Network Three in 2013 organized a special afternoon dedicated to "May the 4th be with you."

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