What Would I Say? App plots for Facebook status

Now there is an app for expressing your status on Facebook in the moment when you should say something but you are too tired, unimaginative, or lazy to express and create something worthy for your friends who hate the Like Bottom.
The app “What Would I Say?” is very useful for Facebook users especially when you have a lot of friends and you don’t have time to comments or you express your status of their posts.
A group of Princeton grad students created it and “What Would I Say?” ran old statuses of users through a bot and generating and updating them for users.
Some “What Would I Say?” details:
It is simple and users log in with their Facebook accounts and generate a status they need.
The app predicts what you will say by using a Markov bot so it uses text from previous Facebook statuses.
So “What Would I Say?” app can combine one and two word bits of your writing via Facebook and then this enables it to take a stab at writing statuses that might write or express using chance-based reasoning.
It is a kind for fun and in the same time it’s been a huge success gives the simple people ability for express.
“What Would I Say?” created by seven students during 48 hours and they never expected the app to become as big as it has.
The seven students are:
Pawel Przytycks GS, Ugne Klibaite GS, Edward Young GS, Vicky Yao GS, Daniel Jiang GS, Alex Furger GS and Bolong Cheng GS.

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