At least 5 killed by scores of Tornadoes in Illinois

A tornado outbreak killed at least 5 people Sunday and left more than dozens of injured across the Midwest and the official by sifting through the wreckage to raise the toll as emergency responders.
Meteorological officials in the United States said that at least five people were killed and about 40 others injured and destroyed large areas of the city of Washington, Illinois, because of the invasion of storm U.S. Midwest.

The Meteorological Department said storm sparked hurricanes in Bonn Gap and Miller City in Illinois and Mount Carmel, and Vincennes in Indiana and Paducah, Kentucky.

The storm also led to force the two main airports in Chicago to stop-motion briefly.
And the city of Washington damaged, Ill. severely affected by the Meteorological Agency describing it as Hurricane "huge and very dangerous." 

Two people were killed in Washington County, Ill., about 320 kilometers from Peoria and that according to a spokeswoman for the Illinois Emergency Management.
The administration estimated that at least 70 houses were destroyed across the state.

And pictures showed of the city of Washington, Ill. buildings reduced to rubble and partially destroyed houses in the city of 15 thousand people, about 233 kilometers southwest of Chicago.
Sara Spark Mann said a spokeswoman for the Department of Health in boycott Tzuel, which is located by the city of Washington in the state of Illinois over the phone, "We have reports of flattened houses and roofs houses toppled by the storm.

"Our entire neighborhoods destroyed by the storm effectively."

She noted that the storm caused damage in Washington and Beijing, south of Peoria.

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