Twitter rises in its first day of trading

Twitter stock rose for social networking, % 92 in its first day of trading the New York Stock Exchange, as investors rushed to buy Stocks of the micro-blogging site, bringing the company's market value to $ 25 billion.

The Stock price stood at the open of $ 45.10, up from the initial public offering price of $ 26 on Wednesday and then rose again to reach $ 50.
The sources said the IPO attracted strong demand, where the volume of orders submitted by investors on the size of the Stocks offered 30, for example, betting on the possibility of the growth of the social networking company that suffered financial losses, as reported by the Reuters news agency.

And if dealing in the stock opened at $ 45.50, it would be to jump by % 75 compared to the price of the initial public offering which was identified on Wednesday, making it the biggest jump in a series of "hops" recorded by the first day of trading in initial public offerings.
The micro-blogging network is priced the stock at $ 26 in the IPO, which includes 70 million stocks on Wednesday evening, a level above the target range between 23 and 25 dollars that has been raised before.

On the basis of the initial public offering Twitter is worth 14.1 billion dollars, with access to $ 14.4 billion if the March Subscribers option to purchase shares above the number allocated.
Data from Thomson Reuters that if the exercise of this option fully as expected, the company could raise $ 2.1 billion, making it the second-largest initial public offering of the Web site after subtracting Facebook's $ 16 billion dollars last year, followed put Google in 2004 in third place.

The number of Twitter users reached 230 million users worldwide, including heads of state and celebrities, but the network lost $ 65 million in the latest quarter and there are still questions about the long-term outlook.

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