Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers offers a public apology over racism

Los Angeles Clippers team owner Donald Sterling, who competes in the National Football League contest NBA, finally broke his silence and made a public apology and asked for forgiveness, saying to Anderson Cooper presenter on the network, "CNN's" television news: "I'm not a racist."
This was the first comments for Sterling since the NBA Association signed him a life ban and fines worth 5.2 million dollars after the publication of the website "T-MZ" mail specializes in celebrity scandals leak to a phone call recorded between Sterling and his girlfriend in Stefano / 31 years / carry racist signals.
Sterling said the network "CNN", saying: "I have caused this problem. I do not know how to fix it."
In the recorded phone call, Sterling criticized girlfriend Stefano, owner of assets in terms of African-American and Mexican on the other hand, because they were published on the Internet images collected by former U.S. basketball star of Irvin "Magic" Johnson.
And Sterling incited in the recorded call his girlfriend not to publish any photos collected by Johnson in public again and not take him to his team games the Clippers.
Sterling said to Cooper: "When I listen to this tape, I cannot believe how such words  ... I do not know how the girl led me to say things like that."
Asked if it was a trap for him Sterling responded, saying: "Yes, definitely, it has tricked me  ... I mean that this is not the way my words. I’m Not talking about people on the basis of one thing never., I judge people by their ideas and other things., But I in general I'm not talking about people so. "
Unlike the strict ban and a fine of large financial, commissioner of NBA Association Adam Silver called the rest of the championship team’s owners of the 29 to vote on forcing Sterling / 80 years / on the sale of the club, which he bought in 1981.  
And Sterling expressed the hope the owners exceeded the rest of the NBA teams for his mistake and said: "If the owners of teams felt I deserved another chance, may be issued to grant me."

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