Video: violent attack of Beyonce sister to Jay-Z in the elevator

The singer Solange, sister of actress Beyonce, attacked her sister's husband rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z's famous, in an elevator building last week.

According to what is stated in the British newspaper "Daily Mail" a clip had spread picked up surveillance cameras inside one of the elevators, when a family has just emerged from the ceremony, followed by a fashion show was held at the Museum of Metropolitan Art in New York City.
Section showed Solange kicked and hit Jay-Z violently, unlike the bodyguard trying to stop the singer Solange, while Jay-Z holds her shoes in an attempt to stop kicked him. 

It was not clear the reason behind the outbreak of the melee, but Beyonce appeared and is trying to calm her sister, while the bodyguard was trying to stop the elevator.

When the trio went out of the elevator, Jay-Z appeared putting his hand on his face, while there have been signs of anger on the face of Solange, and Beyonce has tried to draw a smile on her face. And Beyonce left in a car with her ​​sister and Jay-Z in another car.
It is noteworthy that Jay-Z and Beyonce were married in 2008, and they had a daughter in April 2012.

Beyonce tops the cover of "Time" magazine of the 100 most influential people in the world
Black singer Beyonce Topped covers a "Time" magazine to annual 100 most influential people in the world.
As usual, the magazine in the selection of public figures to talk about the crowned the title of the most influential was keen Cheryl Sandberg large operating officer at the site "Facebook" to write a number of paragraphs in praise of Beyonce, in the famous magazine.

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