Scarlett Johansson marries and gives birth in secret [photos]

Secret wedding ceremony weeks ago, after a lot of rumors finally exposed by the press.

In a surprise for her fans, and the media revealed that the star "Scarlett Johansson" married to a French journalist, "Roman d'Aurillac" a few weeks ago at a special ceremony in the farm "Rock Creek" in the American state, "Montana".
"The USA Magazine" added that "Scarlett" (30 years) has been married after the birth of their daughter, "Dorothy Rose" in early September and kept secret to having a wedding date and place of their desire to get the full privacy away from the media nuisance.
The rumors erupted on November 18 after the star appeared at a charity event in 2013, wearing engagement ring in her hand encrusted with diamonds, was confirmed by a spokesman for the star of the second part of the Avengers series she has her engagement to "Roman Diorak" before it declares after 6 months of courtship she was pregnant.
It is worth mentioning that this is the second marriage for the star, where she was married to the star, "Ryan Reynolds" from 2008 to 2011 before the divorce and marry a "Black Lively" in 2012.

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