Kansas City Chiefs lose front Broncos in the American Football League

The march of victories Kanas City Chiefs in the American Football League stopped on Sunday evening when the team lost to host Denver Broncos 27-17.
The owners of the land win came thanks to the brilliance of their player Peyton Manning, although he participated in the game, suffering from an ankle bruise.
This is the first defeat of Kansas City, who won nine times during the current season, as that is the ninth win for the Nuggets, which lost only once and also.
In other matches, Buffalo won at home and among the fans on the New York Jets 37-14 and beat Tampa Bay at home to Atlanta 41-18.
At home and among the fans Chicago beat Baltimore 23-20.

Miami won at home to San Diego 20-16 and Seattle beat Minnesota 41-20.
So Broncos achieved a big surprise by its big win over the best team in the American football league.
The results of matches in American Football League:
November 18 - Following are the results of matches in the American Football League was held on Sunday.

Buffalo beats New York Jets 37-14.

Tampa Bay beats Atlanta 41-28.

Pittsburgh beats Detroit 37-27.

Philadelphia beats Washington 24-16.

Chicago beats Baltimore 23-20.

Cincinnati beats Cleveland 41 20.

Oakland beats Houston 28- 23.

Arizona beats Jacksonville 27 -14.

Miami beats  San Diego 20- 16.

Seattle beats Minnesota 41- 20.

New Orleans 23, San Francisco 20

New York Giants 27, Green Bay 13

Denver 27 Kansas City 17

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